Do I have to pay to be a part of the Octofilms Riding group?

No. Everyone is welcome to come and go along the route as they wish. We do not charge to join, though we do ask that you RSVP to Jen@octofilms.com with some general information about you, where and when you will be joining, and contact info.

Where does the adventure begin?

The ride officially starts on May 26, 2017 at 7am from Bert’s Mega Mall in Azusa CA. We leave Bert’s at 9am Sharp!

Is Octofilms or Can-Am organizing this ride?

The Homecoming event is being organized by Can-Am. This ride however, is being organized by Octofilms for our core group.  If you are choosing to follow the Octofilms group we are not responsible for your safety or for any mechanical breakdowns. We will have a safety meeting every morning to go over our route, safety, and filming agendas it is advised if you plan on following us out that you attend the morning meetings.

If I join this route with Octofilms does that mean I’ll be filmed and part of the Can-Am videos?

Yes. Anyone riding with the Octofilms group at some point runs the potential to being filmed, either with, or without you knowing.

Do I have to register for the event if I’m on the ride to Canada?

Technically no. If you would like to join the ride just for fun, the only thing you need to do is RSVP to Jen@octofilms.com and fill out some basic information. BUT! if you want to go to actual homecoming event, you will need to register for the vent here.

What Paperwork should I bring with me into Canada?

Besides the basics like Insurance cards, and drivers license, you should carry a physical copy of your route (you can find it here), an emergency contact list including medical conditions, medicines, allergies and anything that might be pertinent in case of a medical emergency, your passport, printed copy of your Can-Am event registration, hotel reservations, and I highly recommend a physical inventory of valuables you will be bringing with you.

What if I don’t want to be filmed?

If you do not wish to be filmed, your best option is to ride with another official group going. Octofilms will be filming the entire time, and you will eventually be filmed.

What do I need to do to join the trip

We welcome all Spyder owners on their way to the Homecoming event to join us along the way and we have made it very easy to do so. All you have to do is check out our route located HERE or track us on our real time GPS Locator to find out where exactly we are.  Please keep in mind that this is NOT an organized trip and you are free to join or leave our group as you please. If you are traveling with us we ask that you attend our morning safety meetings in order to get any details from traveling that day with us!

Where can I find out more information about the event?

You can get more information about this ride from Can-Am’s official page Here. You can also follow along and get updated information through Facebook. If you have more questions still unanswered, you are more than welcome to reach out to Jen, our Ryde Leader at Jen@octofilms.com

Do you have any travel tips for me before going on this ride?

Make sure your Can-Am Spyder is in top condition for long distance travel. Get a full tune up, check tires for wear and pressure, change oil if necessary, check all uids, hoses, belt, and alignment. Replace any lights that might be out.

Check your passport. If it is not current within 6 months, get it renewed as soon as possible and don’t forget it!

Get copies of your current insurance and registration. Put them in a small envelope clearly labeled and away from any other luggage in easy access.

Consider Travelers insurance.

Notify your bank and credit card companies that you will be travelling. This will avoid any declined purchases and fraud alerts that could result in your card being cancelled.

If you cannot charge on your Can-Am Spyder, consider investing in a portable power pack or two.

Now that your reservations are out of the way, plan your budget. Use tools like GasBuddy, to estimate your gas costs ahead of time, so you know how much to put aside.

Update every electronic device you plan on taking with you : GPS, your phone, MP3 player, tablet, laptop, and your helmet COM systems, and any apps you plan on using frequently.

Carry a backup physical map for route planning, detours, and those moments you get a little lost.

Travel Space Saver bags are a lifesaver when it comes to making the most out of small space packing.

Pack neutral clothing to create the maximum combination of out ts. Wash your laundry at the hotel when available.

If you are packing your medications, invest in a daily pill organizer, and avoid packing bottles. Make a list of everything you take, and rubber band it around the case.

Keep a small basic rst aid kit in your Can-Am Spyder, easily accessible.

Create an ICE list. Emergency contacts, their phone numbers, work numbers, and addresses. Your doctors, medical insurance info, and prescriptions. Keep this list in with your insurance and registration.

Print out your hotel reservations and dinner reservations if you have them, and keep them in small envelopes labeled by date. Avoid shu ing through emails if you can.

Back up your reservations, and travel plans to your cloud in case you misplace your physical copies.

Look up the currency exchange rate in advance and consider getting local currency ahead of time.

Keep small bills and change easily accessible for toll roads.

Is there a ride schedule I can look at?

Yes. The over-all trip, and each day have been broken down to include stops on Roadtrippers. Each day is linked to that Itinerary. If you have specific questions about the route, you can reach our Ryde leader Jen at Jen@octofilms.com

Complete Route

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6


Is there a list of hotels the Octofilms team is staying at?

Yes! Each Hotel has been linked into the Date that we will be staying there.

May 26

May 27

May 28

May 29

May 30

If you have not made reservations yet, please call the hotels directly, and let them know you are with Octofilms to receive our group rate. Code OCTOFILMS by phone, or OCT if reserving online through their website.

What do I need to know to be safe during this ride or riding in a group?

Nothing is more important than staying safe along the trip. you can find an extensive list of ways to stay safe on your trip, and spend more time making memories, and less calls to AAA.

1. Be on time.
There is no such thing as being fashionably late when riding with groups. As my hubby is fond of saying, “Early is on time. On time is late.” When riding with a group, especially a new group, it’s important to be respectful of everyone’s time. Most riders have limited time on their motorcycles. There are few things more annoying than waiting around at a smelly gas station for a straggler. And nothing will get you uninvited to a “private group ride” more quickly than being chronically fashionably late.

2. Come prepared with the route details.
Unless the route is a complete mystery or you’re under the age of 10, don’t ask repeatedly, “Are we there yet?” If you want play-by-play information such as how long until the lunch stop, potty break, or the destination, invest in a GPS or print a copy of the route and bring it with you. Many ride leaders put a good deal of work into creating and sharing the route in advance.

3. Know where to ride in the pack.
Rider placement in a group is important and different groups do things differently. Some groups prefer to put the most relaxed or inexperienced rider behind the ride leader and other groups prefer to put her at the rear in front of the sweep.

4. Gauge break lengths by the leader’s actions.
If the leader hasn’t communicated how long the break will be, observe her actions. If she takes off her helmet, chances are you can take yours off too. Conversely, if she leaves her helmet on that’s a good indication it’s a quick regroup or “gas-and-go” break. You should leave your helmet on too or risk getting death stares from your fellow riders as they wait for you so the adventure can continue.

5. Be ready to saddle up at the end of a break.
A big no-no is after the leader has announced it’s time to saddle up, light up a cigarette, run in to get a coffee, or decide you changed your mind and need a mother nature break after all. I kid you not, I’ve seen this on several rides and few things cause angst in a group faster than waiting around for someone to finish their coffee or cigarette.

6. Don’t get in front of the ride leader.
I have to admit I’ve been guilty of this on a few occasions. In my defense, the twisties are like a siren’s call and before I know it I have a bee in my bonnet and I’m zipping past my buddy leading the ride. Unfortunately, my bee is directionally challenged and often flies the wrong direction.

7. Be flexible.
Some of the best times I’ve had have been when things haven’t quite worked out the way we planned. Whether it’s finding out the lunch spot is closed, the route gets detoured, or someone gets a flat, attitude is everything when riding with a group.

8. See something, say something (privately).
As much as us moms and grandmas like to believe we have eyeballs in the back of our head, when leading big groups it can be hard to see all the way to the last rider. If you see something the ride leader needs to know, pull her aside and share it with her privately.

For example, if you notice that some riders are having a hard time with spacing or maintaining their speed, it could be an indication that they’re fatigued and the group needs a break. The leader needs to know.

And by all means if you see something that impacts the group’s safety such as drug or alcohol consumption, speak up. You never want a group excursion to end with an ambulance ride or worse! Tact and diplomacy are the key; how you say something is as important as what you say.

9. Ride your own ride.
Remember you’re not on a bus. Set your own pace and ride your own ride. Unless you’re being held hostage by a rogue motorcycle gang, you only have yourself to blame if you find yourself riding above your abilities. If you fall behind many groups have a policy of regrouping at designated spots or waiting at turns so most of the time you will not be left behind.

However, if I’m joining a new group I make sure I’m familiar with the route and know where the ride ends. One time I didn’t do this and got separated from the group and missed a great dinner and worried the ride leader.

10. Saying thank you goes a long way.
A lot of work goes into organizing a ride, creating a route, producing GPS files and maps, picking lunch destinations, promoting the ride, and leading it. Expressing your appreciation for the organizer’s hard work is one way to be invited again. Be sure to thank the sweep as well. Done right, the sweep’s role is a tough job.

Critique privately but give accolades publicly whenever possible. Even if the ride didn’t quite meet your expectations, thank the leader and keep your criticism to yourself. As moms are fond of saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”

Great riding groups are a gift. Here’s wishing you lots of presents!

Special thanks to “No Drama Mamas,” for their contributions and humorous material.


Here are a few more tips from Octofilms to help keep you safe:   Octofilms Road Trip Tips

How can I find you while you’re traveling to Canada?

We have made it very easy to follow and join our journey in many different ways.

The best way is through our Real Time GPS SPOT GEN3 locator which will update every 2 minutes with an accurate and pinpoint location.

You can also look at our daily itinerary on Roadtrippers each day to get an idea of the overall route we will be taking.

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My questions weren’t answered. What do I do?

If you still have questions or confusion, please reach out to our Ryde leader Jen at jen@octofilms.com